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Become a Professional Floral Designer!

Students are required to take a live final exam with their instructor via Skype or video conference. Upon graduation, students receive a certificate of completion for the Floral Design 1 Course and are eligible to enroll in the Floral Design 2 program.

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Floral Design Course

Designed for anyone who wants to get started in floral design or become a florist, this course covers all the basic fundamentals that all professional florist must know including professional tools, mechanics, techniques, and processing flowers.
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Floral Design Classes & Certification Online

Are you a florist who wants to flourish? Do you love the intricacies and delicacies of stunning floral displays? At Lovegevity, we have been developing popular, relevant, and informative courses over the past two decades. We want you to discover the joy and passion the world of events can offer you. This industry is one of unbelievable opportunities and unforgettable moments. Our community is about the coming together of people and celebrating what we truly cherish in life, long-lasting love, and happiness. 

Outstanding Online Flower Design Classes 

Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality education in which you can spread your wings, pursue your interests, talents, and personal goals. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, and our graduates go on to achieve impressive careers while always remaining a part of our community. Event planning is a high demand industry that will never go out of fashion or close its doors. Let us open one for you. Do not let this chance pass you by! 

Fabulous Floral Design Courses with Lovegevity

We have created a haven where you can learn floral design online, whether you’re a budding beginner, a fully-fledged fanatic, or an enthusiastic expert. Essentially, we offer:

  • Floral Design 1- this is a beginner’s course, a necessity for novices. You’ll be introduced to the professional tools we use in floral arrangements, as well as the basic fundamentals and principles. You’ll learn the mechanics, techniques, processing, and the seasons of flowers from all over the world.   

  • Floral Design 2- is step two, taking your intermediary skills to the next level. You’ll advance your methods by acquiring experience in tabletop design, floral sculptures, and room transformations. This is where you finely tune and hone your abilities to gear yourself towards leading industry techniques and processes to establish your reputation and set you apart from the competition.

  • Extreme Floral Design- this program sets us apart and makes us one of the best online floral design schools out there. Herewith expert Angie Zimmerman, you’ll discover how to put together incredibly beautiful floral walls and sculptures bound to impress clients and potential employers. 

A Floral Design Certification Like No Other

As you can see, we’re more than able to provide you with an exquisite education in floral design. Our courses are fully comprehensive and enlightening whether you want to add the arsenal of skills in your event planning belt or specialize in floristry. Moreover, we make it enjoyable! Often study in any capacity can be daunting, heavy going, and dull. Yet, at Lovegevity, our approach is hands-on, interactive, supportive, and fun. Our programs for a florist certificate is not only conveniently online but also:

  • Professionally and educationally verified

  • Leads to internship opportunities

  • Accompanied by instruction led live classes and videos, and an online student support center

  • Has legal advice incorporated into our course material. So, therefore you’ll be fully equipped with all the vital knowledge necessary to start and run your own business. 

Enrol in Lovegevity’s Florist School Online

Our floral design classes have been described as an easy to follow and extremely rewarding experience. There are many advantages to joining a florist school online, such as: 

  • You can do it at your own pace. We provide you with a wide range of resources and information that work alongside online instruction, seminars, and webinars. You can work from your home or any place that suits you and browse through all the material at your own pace.

  • You’re never alone. Our current student body, graduates, instructors, and staff members are at your disposal. What makes our team members so special is that we’re always on hand to help.

  • Divine decadence- here at Lovegevity, we value luxury, pleasure, happiness, and gratitude. We sew that into every stitch of our courses because we feel that you deserve a fantastic future. Through the mind-blowing world of online, we open up your world and show you how a floral design program can enhance your career and life. 

  • We believe in family – we know that family is the top priority. Our desire to provide you with floral arrangement classes online was designed with this core value in mind. We know you want to provide for your family and make other families happy by being a part of their special moments. What’s more, the benefit of undertaking an online course, in this respect, is that it works beautifully alongside your other commitments.

Flexible Online Floral Design Classes

We just want you to know that you’re not trapped. That you have the right to pursue whatever ignites your fire and passion for work. Think of a small seed, with the right care, attention, environment, and materials, it blossoms into a gorgeous flower. This is how we see you and your potential. We believe in you as an entrepreneur, florist, wedding planner, and, most importantly, as a person! It’s never too late to start with us because we know you’ll grow, develop, and accomplish great things! 

Why Choose Our Floral Design Certification? 

As reiterated throughout, Lovegevity endeavors to give you the very best service and give you all the tools, formulas, love, and support you need to succeed in this industry. When you choose Lovegevity you are: 

  • Selecting a course provider that is backed by 2,200 accredited colleges and universities.

  • Opting for an international company that works in over 166 countries and 1,650 cities 

  • Joining thousands of satisfied students who rave about our phenomenal programs

  • It will never be boring or monotonous to become part of an exciting, limitless, innovative industry.

  • Going to have the chance to use your unique talents and skills each and every day. 

Learn Everything You Need to Know with Our Online Flower Design Classes

Our three-tiered course is a fast and easy way to master floristry. From your laptop in your living room you’ll be growing shoots of knowledge that will blossom into industry know-how.

Flowers are a major part of many events, especially for weddings. If you want to plan a luxury wedding and be a truly competitive candidate, our floral design certification is a must. It’ll be that added weapon in your arsenal, giving you an all important edge. When you know how to effectively arrange and set out flowers in a way which embodies the vision of your clients, your prospects will increase. 

First Class Floral Design Online Programs from Lovegevity

We have finely tuned our formula to bring you the best in the business. Our courses are sure to set you on the path to success because we have a vast knowledge of industry demands. 

When you learn floral design online with us, you’ll be unlocking the secrets of what clients really want out of their flower arrangements. When you’ve completed your studies, you’ll be a proficient flower picker and able to wow an array of clients.

You’ll come to understand everything from how to create soft touches with subtle elegances to making bold selections that will put people in awe. Flowers are all about making a statement after all and our online floral design schools teach you how to make the right ones. We’ll show you how to make lasting impressions that will inspire people to promote your business to their friends. 

These quintessential accessories will become integral features in your package, making you more diverse, sought after and ultimately, successful. Essentially, it’s too good an opportunity to miss. Take your event planning skills to the next level and allow us to show you the joy and merriment of floral design

Come and Join Our Floral School Online 

Imagine this…You’ve enrolled in one of our floral arrangement courses online, you’ve completed our interactive classes with our incredible experts, learned a whole new skillset and made friends with people who share the same passions. You have a masterclass booked in thanks to our outstanding industry connections. Soon you’ll graduate and receive your certificate. This could be you, and is the story of many of our accomplished graduates. 

Don’t sit around letting opportunities pass you by. Watch some of our videos on our website of students who have been launched into this exciting world by simply having the drive and determination to complete our courses. They started out just like you, interested and intrigued by our service. By taking the plunge, they turned this curiosity into a thorough education which has led them to a more lucrative lifestyle.

You could be next, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you be triumphant and have the glittering career you so rightly deserve. Don’t waste another minute, schedule that call with us and see how we can change your life!

Questions About Our Floral Design Certification Classes?

We are a business that has not only survived but thrived for over twenty years. In this time, we’ve made connections with industry experts and acquired extraordinary internship opportunities. We’ve taken on exuberant professionals who are wanting to share their expertise and wisdom with you! This is your moment.

To embrace newness and a zest for your career. If our incredible floral design courses are of interest to you in any way, get in touch with us! Give us a call, send a text, email, jump on our online chat, or connect with us on social media. We’re always happy to provide further information and extra details.
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Students must have general understanding of the following:

  • Need access to a computer/laptop or tablet and internet access
  • Access to Skype or video conference
  • Course compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer & Safari
  • Tablet owners need to download Puffin Web Browser App

Students will gain a full understanding of the proper techniques used in professional floral design including:

  • Floral terminology
  • Seasonal Ordering
  • Floral Count
  • Processing
  • Designing Wedding Flowers
  • Designing Personal Flowers


Q: What is the difference between Floral 1 & Floral 2?
A: Where Floral 1 is all about the basic fundamentals of professional floristry, Floral 2 is an advanced curriculum that takes floral designing to a whole new level. Floral Design 1 is a prerequisite for beginners to take before enrolling into the Floral Design 2 course.
Q: Is this course part of the Master Class or WedTech programs?
A: Yes, this course is part of the Master Class and WedTech programs. You can take them as part of either program or as a stand-alone course. This means you will accumulate credits towards the Master Class/WedTech programs.
Q: How many CEU credits will I get for this course?
A: 24 CEU’s
Q: Will I get a Certificate?
A: Yes, you will receive a Certificate in the mail once all requirements are completed in about 4 weeks.

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