Event Law

Learn the ins and outs of event law to keep you and your clients protected


A legal guide for wedding & event professionals, everything you need to know to maintain your career; including licensing, trademarks, contracts negotiations and more. This course offers legal knowledge and tips for wedding & event professionals. This guide provides everything you need to know in maintaining your career and business.

This course is offered as part of the Certified Master Wedding & Event Planning program.

About the Author : Patrick M. Teague

Attorney Patrick Teague has emerged as one of the leading voices in the country in the growing field of event law.

Mr. Teague’s experience in event law includes representing a wide variety of wedding and event professionals, including planners, designers and photographers. He has also successfully represented Lovegevity, a multi-media publishing house, in contract negotiations with wedding and event suppliers, television personalities and, notably, world-renowned event designer Preston Bailey.

Outside the event industry, Mr. Teague is in-house counsel for a multibillion dollar hospitality company that operates in over 35 countries. He also has expertise in small business and contract law, along with experience as a sports agent, sports reporter and professional soccer player.

Mr. Teague went to law school in New Orleans and remains deeply interested and involved in the city. He holds a law degree from Tulane University. He lives near Washington D.C. with his wife, Melissa.

The Event Law Course includes a variety of topics:

  • Business Formation
  • Choosing a Brand Name
  • Industry Specific Licenses & Permits
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Labor & Employment
  • Contracts


Watch the video and Preview the course.


How to write a proper contract

All about "Day of" contracts for weddings & events

How to properly form an event business

The specifics of Wedding & Event Law


  • Instructor Led 1:1 Video Conferencing
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Average 8 Weeks Duration
  • Online & In-Person Formats
  • Average time commitment is 3-5 hours per week


Chapter 1 – Starting your own business

Chapter 2 – Choosing a Brand NAme

Chapter 3 – Industry Specific Licenses & Permits

Chapter 4 – Intellectual Property – Trademarks

Chapter 5 – Intellectual Property – Domain Names, Trade Secrets, & the Rights of Publicity

Chapter 6 – Intellectual Property – Copyrights

Chapter 7 – Employment Issues

Chapter 8 – Contracts

Chapter 9 – Torts & The Weding & Event Industry

Chapter 10 – How to Effectively Negotiate in the Wedding & Event industry


What you’ll get

+ Instructor Support

+ Live Class Discussions

+ Mentorship

+ Tetbook

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Q: Is this course part of the Master Class or WedTech programs?

A: Yes! The Corporate Event Planning course is part of the Master Class Program. Successful completion of the program will earn credits toward your future Master Class Program.

Q: How many CEU credits will I get for this course?

A: 24 CEU’s.

Q: Will I get a Certificate?

A: Yes, you will receive a Certificate in the mail once all requirements are completed in about 4 weeks.