Become a Hybrid Corporate Event Planner

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Join this immersive combo class and learn how to identify and incorporate the top virtual event technology platforms. 


  • Technology training

  • Immersive 3-D learning

  • Hybrid Event Production

  • Hands-on Internships

During this 8 week class, you will:

  • Learn how to expand your live events into immersive virtual experiences.
  • Participate in a hands-on internship where you will learn how to create a hybrid event in an immersive 3-D environment.
  • Be apart of this transformational class and become a virtual-hybrid event leader in 2021.


Become a Certified Virtual Hybrid Event Producer!

The course provides a detailed guideline on how to design & plan the event, set budgets, successfully execute event, review performance, and charge for services. Includes updated Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines and Hybrid/Virtual Event Planning, Production, & Design.

You will Learn:

  • How to jumpstart your 2021 with Virtual/Hybrid Events
  • How to identify opportunities and connect with vendors and gain sponsors
  • What questions to ask when selecting the right technology vendors
  • What software and platforms you need to know to host successful virtual events
  • How to make sure your virtual events are secure from hackers and data loss
  • How to become a professional hybrid event specialist

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SMART Corporate Event Planning

In this program you will learn:

  • How to “bump-up your game,” to produce jaw-dropping virtual event experiences using best practices, systems, and technology
  • Ways to reinvent your event planning services, skills, and knowledge to stay competitive
  • How to incorporate a variety of platforms with engaging experiences to meet the needs, goals, and objectives of your stakeholders
  • How to wow your sponsors and vendors with cutting edge technology and lead generation opportunities before, during, and after your virtual/hybrid events
  • How to design a seamless, interactive, and fun experience, including how to foster real-time dialogue and networking among your attendees. 
  • How to strategize and maintain stakeholder satisfaction, ROI, and attendee networking and engagement.
  • How to sell virtual-hybrid events to venues and conduct live site visits virtually with prospective clients.
  • How to incorporate live event spaces, including ballrooms and breakouts, into a virtual tour or interactive networking for a hybrid event experience.

SMART Corporate Event Planning

This course is offered as part of the Certified Master Wedding & Event Planning program.

The Corporate Event Planning course will cover many types of corporate events from a new product launch to a retirement dinner. Corporate and their employees celebrate many milestones and accomplishments within the lifespan of the growth and evolution of its people, products, and success

The CEP course is known as S-M-A-R-T because it covers:

  • Special Events: galas, fundraisers, public relations, product promotions
  • Meetings: professional, corporate, business networking
  • Assemblies: conferences, conventions
  • Recognition: incentives, awards, achievements
  • Training: seminars, workshops, education

Students must have general understanding of the following:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and/or Google Docs
  • Need access to a computer/laptop or tablet and internet access
  • Course compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer & Safari
  • Tablet owners need to download Puffin Web Browser App


  • eTextbook & Curriculum
  • Online course material
  • Access to Student Center
  • Exam Fee

Students have up to six months to complete the course and work at their own pace.

Full Details:


Q: Is this course part of the Master Class or WedTech programs?
A: Yes! The Corporate Event Planning course is part of the Master Class Program. Successful completion of the program will earn credits toward your future Master Class Program.
Q: How many CEU credits will I get for this course?
A: 24 CEU’s.
Q: Will I get a Certificate?
A: Yes, you will receive a Certificate in the mail once all requirements are completed in about 4 weeks.

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Do You Want to Start a New Career in Corporate Events Planning?

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About Lovegevity’s Corporate Event Planning Certification

Lovegevity was created out of a desire to help people to pursue what they are passionate about. At LWPI, we provide our students with the best possible education so that they can go from aspiring wedding and event planners to successful wedding and event planners. Our graduates are able to do what they love and work for themselves, giving them more freedom to spend time with their families and on other priorities. Even though they may work for themselves, with our community of Lovegevity graduates, they are never by themselves. Our graduates are there to support each other as their careers grow and change.

What Does Our Corporate Event Planning Course Cover?

Our corporate event planning certification course will give you all of the information, knowledge, experience, and support you need to become the best corporate events planner that you can be. The course will cover a range of different corporate events, from retirement dinners to product launches. It is known as S-M-A-R-T because it covers every type of corporate event; special events, meetings, assemblies, recognition, and training. You will be surprised at how many events are held in corporate situations. Many companies like to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments of both their business and their employees; this means there will be many opportunities for you to use the events planning expertise that you will gain. 

All of our corporate event planning training courses are endorsed by the industry’s leading events planners and offered through accredited colleges and universities. This means that you can receive both certification from LWPI and a Training Certificate from the college of your choice.

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