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I had the pleasure of hosting some extraordinary women recently in the Hollywood Hills with Celebrity Wedding Planner Kevin Lee. All were excited on their path to becoming a certified wedding planner.

We had so much fun…we laughed together, learned together, and we even cried together. There was so much talent, so much passion, and so much love for creating weddings and events, but more importantly making those events uniquely special for clients.

“…we laughed together, learned together, and we even cried together…”

Everyone I met shared their journey, struggles, and inspiring stories of who they are today and where they are going in life. The one thing we all had in common was perseverance. There were no quitters in the room.

After the event was over, I met with each of the Master Class Students during the interview process for an internship with Kevin Lee. What I discovered was even more amazing stories of perseverance and drive propelling these women to stop at nothing to reach their vision of success.

From being fired to unemployed and homeless, divorces, and bankruptcy; many of us have had quite an uphill battle of challenges every step of the journey. And while I listened to each student, CWEP graduate, alumni, and instructor tell the story of their journey and vision for what it takes to be a wedding planner, I realized we are all the same.

We are entrepreneurs. We are Team Lovegevity.

Although life may throw us a curve ball once in awhile, we all managed to overcome the roadblocks, strategize a new road map, and keep our feet moving on our path to loving our life… or what I call Lovegevity. ❤

Congratulations to all of you for making it happen. You are extraordinary and fiercely creative.

So here’s to you.

Cho Phillips, CEO & Founder of Lovegevity

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“Since I was on the intern side, I was truly grateful to have an opportunity to assist with the flow of the event. It was so lovely to be able to see the guests enjoying the atmosphere, cuisine, and programs offered by Kevin and Cho. I am always looking for an opportunity to work with other professionals to network and also learn new ways to tackle different situations so that I am better prepared for the next event. It was an honor being a part of the intern team!”

Nicole Vecchioni


“I enjoyed every part of the Master Class workshop, it was one of the best. If I had to say my top highlight, I would have to say Day 2 with more of the hands on and knowledge by Kevin Lee. Overall it was amazing workshop.”

Jacqueline Vasquez

Master Wedding Planner, CWEP

“I truly enjoyed all of the Master Class Workshop with Kevin Lee. The business strategies and hands-on were great. I especially, enjoyed the draping and putting together our own floral design (classic and modern). Having had the opportunity to meet with Kevin Lee one-on-one was an amazing experience.“

Christina Gomez


“I loved how personal it was. It was great to learn from someone who is such a pillar in the industry. He was so down to earth and I learned SO much from him. I also loved meeting the Lovegevity team and all the other fabulous women who have their own companies. It’s amazing to feel like there is really a community of support out there!”

Jessica Frank


“My favorite part of the workshop was the intimate setting in which Kevin Lee taught and his approachable demeanor, the access to him throughout the workshop and one-on-one interviews with Kevin, along with the venue and ambiance, the various areas set up for specific topics or demonstrations, the tango dancing lessons, candy station setup, live musicians, catering, and the cocktail party.“

Yajaira Acevedo


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