Tuition Options

Financial Aid

Need help with tuition & loans? From low monthly dues for memberships to payment plans, student loans, or financial aid…we can help you to achieve your dream career without going into debt. Choose an option below for more details or give us a call at 916-780-1222 so we can assist you with funding your career.

Payment Plans

Affordable payment plan options are available for all students to get started right away Along with in-house financing options for a private student loans.


Become a Self Study Member & work at your own pace.

As a self study member you gain flexibility of accessing courses to get the education and information you need while jump starting your career. While this option does not include an online mentor or instructor, self study students have access to the help desk, student support center and the option to participate in webinars of open class discussions scheduled each week.

Military Funding

Financial aid, loans and military funding are available to those that qualify through LWPI’s financial aid partners you can qualify for special funding of our programs.