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Corporate Event Planning

Tuition: $995

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Becoming a Certified Corporate Event Planner requires business organization, logistics, networking, and client relationship management skills.

This course will provide a detailed guideline on how to design and plan the event, set budgets, execute successfully, review performances, and charge for services.

The CEP course is known as S-M-A-R-T because it covers:

  • Special Events: galas, fundraisers, public relations, product promotions
  • Meetings: professional, corporate, business networking
  • Assemblies: conferences, conventions
  • Recognition: incentives, awards, achievements
  • Training: seminars, workshops, education

Student Testimonials

Rachel Collard, UTA CEP Grad

I would recommend taking the course. It was exactly what I expected it to be and I’m glad that it met by expectations. The only advice I could provide to someone that wants to take the course is just a recommendation to attend a live class along with the online component. Networking opportunities are endless when you take a live class and happen naturally. View All Testimonials →

Tuition Includes:

  • Online course material
  • eTextbook & Curriculum
  • Access to Student Center
  • Exam fee

Students have up to six months to complete the course at their own pace.

Class Overview

This program teaches the fundamentals of planning, orchestrating and delivering social events as well as owning and operating a successfully corporate event planning business.