Party Planning 101


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Party Planning 101

Become a Party Planner!

This course is self-study with instructor feedback. Students follow the course and complete quizzes to receive their certificate as a professional party planner.

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From accessories to thank you notes, and all the planning in between, Dina teaches a DIYer how to stylize her event using practical, everyday items to mix and match your own signature style. The course also covers table setting & etiquette, as well as food and wine pairing.

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Party Planning 101 Course

This course is offered as part of the Certified Master Wedding & Event Planning program.

Tuition Includes:

  • Access to the Online Student Center
  • Certification
  • Internship opportunities
  • Party Planning eTextbook & Curriculum

This Party Planning course is self-study and outlines the fundamentals for planning any event.

Course Goals & Objectives

  • Course Goal: To learn the formulas, processes, roles and responsibilities of party planning.
  • Who can take this course: Anyone who wants the knowledge of how to plan for a social event.
  • Length of Course: An interactive short course, approximately 8 – 10 hours.
  • Course Objectives: To provide the knowledge and examples of how to plan a perfect party, then execute that plan with a team of professional vendors and project manager.
  • Course Outcome: Understand the event planning formulas used by professionals to design, plan, and host a dinner party.

Students must have general understanding of the following:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and/or Google Docs
  • Need access to a computer/laptop or tablet and internet access
  • Course compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer & Safari
  • Tablet owners need to download Puffin Web Browser App

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Q: Is this course part of the Master Class or WedTech programs?

A: Yes, this course is part of the Master Class and WedTech programs. You can take them as part of either program or as a stand-alone course. This means you will accumulate credits towards the Master Class/WedTech programs.

Q: How many CEU credits will I get for this course?

A: 8 CEU’s.

Q: Will I get a Certificate?

A: Yes, you will receive a Certificate in the mail once all requirements are completed in about 4 weeks.

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