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Become a Certifed Wedding & Event Planner

Recognized As The #1 Academic Program for Wedding & Event Professionals in the World. LWPI’s Certificate in Wedding and Event Planning course is a program designed to educate students on the business best practices, methods, and techniques to get started in the planning industry right away.

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*Online Instructor-Led Tuition: $97/month
Pay in full discount: $1595. (Save $150)
Online Self Study: $595

Online Instructor-Led: Students meet each week in a scheduled One-on-One Video Conference or Phone Call with their Instructor and have the option to meet with a Mentor and Business Coach monthly.
Online Self Study: Students have access to student support centers and can attend group instructor office hours to meet with a live instructor as needed.

This course is internationally recognized by industry associations, accredited colleges, corporations, and event professionals.The CWEP course is also offered as part of the Certified Master Wedding & Event Planning program. The average time to complete this program is 8 – 12 weeks, however, all students have the option to complete the program at their own pace.

Tuition + $15/Mo. Student Community Membership Includes:

  • Access to the Online Student Center
  • Instructor Support
  • Exam Fee
  • Certification plus letters of recommendation
  • Internship opportunities to build a professional portfolio
  • CWEP Course eTextbook & Curriculum

Upon graduation, you will receive your certificate, letter of recommendation and the professional CWEP designation and be ready to launch your own business or work as a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

Certified Wedding & Event Planning

Nobody does internships like Lovegevity

“It’s all about education and giving the opportunity for people that are new in the business…” ~ David Tutera

At Lovegevity we work to combine career training with real world experience. All Lovegevity students can participate in both paid and non-paid internships both locally near you and at high profile, world class celebrity events.
Take your career to the next level with on-the-job training, to grow your portfolio of work, increase your network of opportunities, and make new connections with industry leaders.

Lovegevity’s Online Event Management Certification

Here at Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI), we’ve been providing a World Class Internationally recognized Certification since 1997. We serve wedding and event planners looking for the best training and education to successfully launch a new event management business. Getting your event management certification online has never been simpler – our team will help you every step of the way.
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Why Choose an Event Management Certification from Lovegevity?

Whatever your goals with regards to your event management certification, our wide range of courses provide you with the number one training program in the industry. Offering the tools and guidance plus hands-on training that will set you apart as an event manager. 

Through our series of online courses, hands-on lessons, and real-world experience, you’ll learn to plan, design, and run any type of event for today’s modern expectations. – From corporate events to weddings, baby showers to fundraisers – including all the legal considerations. You’ll also learn customs from history and cultural traditions and etiquette, giving you a solid foundation of industry knowledge. You’ll also meet other students in the student community. Here you’ll watch on-demand learning modules from a variety of topics, or participate in the discussion boards, blogs, and live class discussions. You’ll also be able to network with industry peers through our private Facebook group and exclusive world-class internship opportunities.

Event Planning VS Event Management Certification 

Why choose to do one, when you can incorporate both? A good event planner is present during the event itself. So there’s no need to limit yourself to just an event management certification when you learn through Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute.

As an event planner, you’re the go-to expert for the organizers. You’ll have professional vendor contacts, insider knowledge of venues, and a wealth of information about the legalities and practicalities of the event you’re producing. Taking a course that allows you to explore every part of planning the perfect celebration will enable you to confidently manage any type of event.

Event management means being on-site to direct the flow of the schedule, manage the delegation of tasks, and produce the event as planned. Including the set-up and design, as well as the breakdown and clean up afterward. Event managers will be there to coordinate staff, oversee design installations, floor plan layouts, catering, and the flow of the affair. Event managers also deal with any unforeseen emergencies. Some things can’t be planned for, so being present to ensure the entire occasion runs as planned is the primary job of an Event Manager. 

During the celebration, an event manager will ensure entertainment is occurring as planned, juggling timings and dealing with the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work that’s essential for running smoothly. 

With an event management certification from Lovegevity University, you’ll learn how to create the perfect event, present a professional portfolio, and partner with industry vendors. You’ll receive personal letters of recommendation from your instructor, as well as LWPI’s internationally recognized certification. 

Different Events, Different Specific Needs – Same Principles.

Our most popular, complete course that offers you the most in-depth education in wedding and event management is the Master Wedding and Event Planning program. 

This is limited to just 10 students per class and is the gold standard for event management online courses. You’ll be mentored by seasoned professionals, including Kevin Lee, famous for his A-list celebrity weddings, Oscar and Emmy parties. He’s the go-to event planner for anyone who wants innovative designs for their cutting-edge events. Kevin’s client list includes Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, and Kim Kardashian, to name a few. Taking the Masterclass with Kevin Lee will mean you get an immersive, hands-on learning experience. You can take advantage of Kevin’s 30+ years of experience in the wedding and event planning and management industry.

During your training, you’ll have live and on-demand mentoring sessions with Kevin through video conferencing, and the opportunity to attend hands-on internships at Celebrity Weddings and World-Class events. You’ll have access to an online library with hundreds of resources and templates you can repurpose as your own. Students can take advantage of live and on-demand class discussions with industry experts, as well as monthly scheduled business and career coaching from a variety of mentors. 

What To Expect From Our Event Management Certification Course

Tuition includes six core modules from our online selection:

  • Certified Wedding and Event Planner
  • Signature Wedding and Event Design
  • Party Planning 101
  • History of Bridal Fashion
  • Corporate Event Planning 
  • Event Law

You can choose two elective modules from the selection below, available at 50% of the cost.

Event Management Certification Like No Other

One of the most essential parts of becoming a Master Wedding and Event Planner is the opportunity to complete paid and unpaid internships. Kevin Lee Weddings offer current Master Class students the chance to build their portfolio with direct, hands-on experience planning and executing high-end weddings and events on a professional level. 

Learning through LWPI’s Master Wedding and Event Planning program will empower you to create weddings and events that are one-of-a-kind experiences. You’ll attract high-end clients that are drawn to you and your knowledge about planning and design, including table scaping, lighting, and draping. And your knowledge and access to vendors, venues, and the business of events. 

Students can apply for tuition assistance from various sources – to see if you qualify, call our team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Specific Event Management Certification 

If you’re looking to achieve event management certification for a specific type of event, our separate courses may be of more interest to you. While most of these are offered in our Kevin Lee Master Class, they can be taken individually.

Party Planning 101

Learning through self-study with instructor feedback, you’ll learn all the basics of good event planning, including etiquette, table settings, accessories, and thank you notes. With specific training in food and wine pairing, this interactive short course is the perfect basis on which to build your event management certification online

Fundraising Events

This facet of event planning and management is in high demand. And when you’re looking to successfully plan and produce a fundraising event, you’ll need a specific set of skills and experience. In this course, you’ll learn not only how to make a successful fundraising event happen but also how to approach and submit proposals to organizations needing assistance with their fundraising events. – You’ll learn the strategic methods for increasing donations, recruiting donors, and creating a fun and giving atmosphere to your event design. With internships available at established fundraising galas, this is the perfect course to add to your portfolio. 

Fashion Show Production

Taking part in this course offers you a once in a lifetime learning experience – the opportunity to take an internship at either LA or New York fashion week. Learning about the background and history of fashion shows, you’ll get expert guidance in planning and promoting a fashion show. You’ll also learn how to organize and coordinate the event itself. The internship will allow you exclusive access to the most iconic fashion shows. 

Become the Best Event Manager with Event Management Certification from Lovegevity

Event Management is about more than just planning the perfect event – the most successful event businesses are there to plan and create the perfect day – but also to be on hand to physically manage the event itself.

We have a range of courses to allow you to get the right event management certification that you need to make your events business a success – whether that’s as a wedding or bridal consultant, a corporate events planner, or a fundraising specialist. With tuition and hands-on experience available in a range of courses to suit all needs, you can achieve your dreams with the perfect event management certification online.

Choose Your Ultimate Courses

With great content, knowledgeable tutors, full support, and industry-leading skills, learning with Lovegevity will propel your Event Management career to new heights. Whether you’re looking for online event management courses or want to study with one of over 2,200 accredited colleges across the US and around the world, we can help you create the ultimate learning program to make the most of your existing skills and develop new ones. 

We love the ‘Signature Wedding and Event Design’ course to give our students the skills you need to develop your own creative style. We want you to understand methodology and create formulas that will allow you to exceed your customer requirements while sticking to a budget – while understanding more about what makes any event an amazing experience. We want our students to be able to confidently utilize color theory to create stunning palettes and take advantage of venue architecture and design to create a style that is sympathetic to the surroundings without compromising on customer expectations. Of course, our students will have access to obtain wholesale design materials from our favorite suppliers, too – making it easy to offer your customers the absolute best in fabrics, florals, table settings and lighting.

If you’re looking for the best ‘Corporate Event Planning’ course as part of your event management certification program online, then our course is for you. There are so many types of corporate events, from a product launch to a retirement party, that focusing your business on corporate clients can be a great specialism. If you’re looking for the best education and information on designing and planning an event according to the appropriate budgets, as well as ensuring the execution of the perfect event, then this course is the ideal addition to your online event manager courses.

Of course, if you need a quick but thorough introduction to party planning that you can implement immediately in your business, why not try ‘Party Planning 101’? You don’t need a full event management course to create the ultimate party, so this self-study course is a great way to get the knowledge you need. With everything covered from the etiquette of thank you notes, to table settings, food and wine pairing, and accessories, use the distilled experience of our core educators (over 150 years of combined experience in the wedding and event planning industry) to learn in just 8-10 hours.

Lovegevity – Everything you Need for Online Event Management Courses 

Lovegevity is known for nurturing the world’s best wedding and event designers – helping thousands of people chase their dreams and create their own successful businesses. We know that not only do we have the best course materials, the most flexible ways to study, and the greatest tutors – we also offer our students exclusive access to internships at huge events like New York Fashion Week, Kevin Lee Weddings and even Coachella. With internship opportunities like this, our students get the chance to not only put their learning into hands-on practice, but they can work with A-list clients, network with vendors, and expand their portfolio with testimonials, photographs, and personal letters of recommendation. 

Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute offers the best event management courses both online and in person – come and join us to take your business to the next level.

Begin Your Journey Today

If you’re inspired to begin your event management certification career, then contact us for more information – we’ll help you find the perfect course for you. 
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Lovegevity - Certified Wedding & Event Planning Course Textbook
Lovegevity - Certified Wedding & Event Planning Certification

Upon successful completion of the Certified Wedding and Event Planner program, you will:

Develop service packages that give you a competitive edge in your local market.

Establish a portfolio of business contracts, presentation tools, pricing, and packages.

Know the difference between traditional and non-traditional etiquette.

Set up a legal wedding planning business and be knowledgeable about business structure.

Be proficient in prospecting for and contracting with wedding and special event clients.

Market, publish, and utilize public relations to promote and increase your business.

Plan a budget, select a vendor, and design a wedding.

Students must have a general understanding of the following:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and/or Google Docs
  • Need access to a computer/laptop or tablet and internet access
  • Course compatible with Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer & Safari
Lovegevity - Wedding & Event Planning Certification Sample

Instructors and Mentors

Online instructors are trained and certified to help students meet their certification requirements and prepare for the industry certification exam. Instructors and mentors are seasoned wedding and event professionals who help students get started in the industry right away.

Full Details:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Lovegevity?
A: LWPI’s program is recognized all over the world as the industry standard and is the only program offered by over 2200 Accredited Colleges and Universities. Our students get the education, support, tools, networking, experience, and internships to launch a successful career. You are not left to figure it out on your own. For example, our students have interned with David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Kevin Lee, Lisa Vanderpump, and many other industry professionals to create their portfolio of work and launch a career in wedding and event planning.


You can read over 1800 testimonials from graduates and students on our public blog. Students share their work and their experience taking the program. None of them have felt the program didn’t exceed their expectations. Here is the link:
Q: Internships?
A: Internships are available to all current students and alumni members. We have several to choose from throughout the year, and as an active member, you can apply for as many as you’d like! From bridal shows, to fashion shows, to charity events, to galas, to working side by side event planners and assisting with actual weddings. Our students have interned with David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Kevin Lee, Lisa Vanderpump, and many other industry professionals to create their portfolio of work and launch a career in wedding and event planning.Our internships typically fall on weekends and last 1-4 days long.
Q: Event Planning vs. Event Design?
A: The main difference between event planning and event design is that a planner focuses more on the event management side of things, and the designer is focused solely on visuals. A lot of event planners end up hiring a team of designers.

The planner meets with the client and maps out the entire event, i.e., invitations, timelines, booking vendors, fittings, tastings, etc. They gather the information from the client, i.e., colors, expectations, size of the wedding, budget, theme ideas, etc. The planner then contacts the designer and tells them the guidelines. For example, “my clients colors are pink and white, she loves gold, the venue we’re using is the ballroom at Marriott, her budget for the design services is $4,000, her and her husband met at the movies so they want to implement elements of film into the design, she only wants white and pink roses as her flowers, etc.”

At that point, the designer and his/her team come up with the design based on the size of the room and the client’s needs. They create blueprints and sketches (or computer designs) of the room. They choose the types of tables, dinnerware, flatware, linens, lighting, colors, flowers, etc. to meet the needs of the client. Then, they present their designs to the client and the planner for feedback. The designers are the creative ones that take the logistics from the planner and bring everything to life.

Many planners will offer both the planning services and the design services but will have their team of designers because it is not a one-person job.

Q: How long does the program take to finish?
A: The program was designed to take about 8-12 weeks or 340 hours of study to complete but you’re given up to 6 months to finish at your own pace.
Q: What is the difference between taking the course online or through a college?
A: You will receive the same degree of education when taking the course online or at a college of your choice. Taking the course at the college is best for those who prefer a classroom environment and enjoy face-to-face instruction, given at the same time each week. Online students have the flexibility of taking the course at their own pace, and meeting face-to-face at scheduled times using video conferencing. All students have the same requirements.
Q: How does the course work?
A: The course is a combination of interactive learning online with reading, videos, quizzes, assignments, projects, as well as live class discussions and live webinars. There is also an exam. The community offers live video conference discussions on various topics with a variety of industry guest speakers and wedding planning mentors who actively work in the industry. If you miss a live discussion they are recorded and uploaded to the video library so you can view it at anytime. The course also supplies you with hundreds of templates you can download and repurpose with your own brand/logo. Including contracts, pricing models, business plan, etc.


The best program for you is the one that matches your goals, not the cheapest cost. Be sure to identify why you are becoming certified and make sure whatever program you choose will help you get there. We would love to welcome you to our program and community.
Q: Where can I go to find a job as a wedding & event planner?
A: All LWPI students and graduates qualify for an internship as part of the CWEP program and master class students and graduates qualify to work with Lovegevity on local events in their market.
Q: How much do wedding planners typically make?
A: An event planner’s income can vary by many factors including location, experience, services provided, and how much your clients are willing to pay.

Traditionally the average planner makes about 15% – 25% of the total cost of each wedding (when you offer full service) i.e. you would make roughly $4,500 to $7,500 for a full service, $30,000 wedding.

Once you gain more experience and are more established, you can start charging closer to 25% – 30% or set your own flat fees based on your reputation, brand, planning, and service packages.

Many professional planners offer additional services like design, production, florals, invitations, hair, makeup, etc. that add to the overall revenue streams in the business.

The number of weddings and other events you do per year also plays a factor. Events span every industry, not just weddings. From charity events, product launches, conferences, and corporate holiday parties, a professional planner has opportunities to expand into all types of events.

The CWEP course will walk you through how to research the logistics of your area to help you map out your business plan. You will need to gather information like the average cost of a wedding in your area, the average number of weddings per year in your area, the number of other wedding planners in your area, etc. This will help you determine how many events you will need and want to plan to make the income you want to make.

Remember, if it’s your business, you are the one who determines your goals and how much your time is worth.

Q: CWEP vs. Master Class Program
A: The Certified Wedding & Event Planning course is only 1 of several courses that make up the Master Class Program.


The Master Class Program is our most comprehensive program consisting of all of our courses in one program. It is encouraged for those who are interested in more than just Event Planning but wish to incorporate all aspects and services into their event planning business.

We will often have graduates of CWEP return to enroll into the Master Class Program to continue thier education and grow their business.

There is an application and interview process to be accepted into the Master Class Program.

You can find more information online here:

Master Class


Q: How long is the certification valid?
A: Certification is renewed every 5 years. Our students maintain access to course curriculum as we update industry best practices, trends, and feedback from the field every year for our Alumni members.
Q: I’m an international student, can I still enroll in your program?
A: Yes. LWPI students enroll from all over the world.
Q: Do you offer Financial Assistance?
A: You can apply directly with our Financial Aid partner; Cengage/Ed2Go.

Tuition Breakdown:

Certified Wedding & Event Planning


Instructor Led:

$1795 $1595
or 18 payments of $97/mo.

Tuition includes:

  • Online Curriculum Access
  • Full Instructor Support
  • Certification Exam
  • Personal Letter of Recommendation (Upon completion of the program.)
  • International Recognized Certification as a Professional Wedding & Event Planner (Upon completion of the program)
  • Student Tools & Resources
  • Special Events & Internships Opportunities (Both local and broad)


$595 or 7 payments of $97/mo.

Tuition includes:

  • Online Curriculum Access
  • Student Support
  • Certification Exam
  • Personal Letter of Recommendation (Upon completion of the program.)
  • International Recognized Certification as a Professional Wedding & Event Planner (Upon completion of the program)
  • Student Tools & Resources
  • Special Events & Internships Opportunities (Both local and broad)

Student Community Membership $15/month

All students receive access to the student community through their Student Community Membership. This membership includes:

  • Live (online) Class discussions
  • Guests speakers
  • Live broadcast workshops
  • On-demand video library of various industry topics taught by industry experts
  • Access to seasoned and active professionals currently working in the field of professional event planning
  • Discussion Boards
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Stock Photography Library for Social Media Marketing
  • Exclusive Internship Opportunities
  • Discounts on future courses
  • Career Center/Job Board Not a member? Join the student community here!

Tuition Options:

Payment Plans

We offer a 12-month payment plan for almost all of our courses, at checkout. Payment plans can be customized to be paid off sooner.

Financial Assistance

We offer different financial assistance options through our educational partner Ed2go.

Military Funding:

For full details about military tuition assistance, please visit this page for more information.

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