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History of Bridal Fashion

Learn the history of costume design with an emphasis on wedding dress styles, fabrics, and fashion. Understand how fashion is the primary inspiration for theme styled events.

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Elizabeth Galindo’s History of Bridal Fashion

This course is offered as part of the Certified Master Wedding & Event Planning program.

The History of Bridal Fashion highlights particular and varying status of costume with an emphasis on wedding dress practices and customs from the ancient world to the 21st century in the Western world.

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This course offers in-depth, historical knowledge about weddings gowns and wedding cultures from around the world. This will give your bridal clients a deeper and more purposeful understanding of the meaning behind the gowns they choose for their wedding day.

About The Author

Elizabeth Galindo

Elizabeth Galindo PhD is a couture and Costume designer who is a member of the Costume Designer’s Guild Local 892. She is also a costume and production design researcher working with directors such as David Fincher, Terrence Malick and Paul Thomas Anderson. Galindo earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Southern California. Galindo earned a Masters Fine Arts and a PhD in Performance Studies with an emphasis in Film and Fashion at the University of California, Davis. Galindo’s dissertation is titled “The Interaction of ‘Originary Practices’ and Costume Design in the Development of Historical Film Genre in 21st Century Hollywood Cinema.”

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Q: How will the History of Bridal Fashion course make me a better wedding & event planner?
A: This course is a vital tool, not only for picking the right dress for the right wedding occasion, but to incorporate all the significance of different wedding cultures properly and meaningfully into your client’s perfect wedding day.
Q: What cultures do we learn about?
A: This course covers cultures from around the world.
Q: What are Elizabeth Galindo’s credentials and experience?
A:Galindo earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Southern California. Galindo earned a Masters Fine Arts and a PhD in Performance Studies with an emphasis in Film and Fashion at the University of California, Davis. Galindo studied and earned several proficiency degrees in silk screening, hand blocking and embroidery work on fabrics at the Fuji Institute in Florence, Italy. Galindo was invited to study at the Kyoto Costume Institute in Kyoto, Japan, examining contemporary Japanese designers and 21st century fabric making. Galindo’s dissertation is titled “The Interaction of ‘Originary Practices’ and Costume Design in the Development of Historical Film Genre in 21st Century Hollywood Cinema.”

Elizabeth Galindo even has a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” for her contributions to the world of Fashion and Film.

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Lovegevity’s Bridal Consultants Certification

If you’re looking to start a new career in wedding and event planning, you might want to consider getting certified. This will ensure you have all the knowledge to offer the best services to your clients, and you’ll also have a recognized qualification to add value to your offering.
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What are the Benefits of a Bridal Consultant Certification?

Here at Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute, we are the number one certification program in the industry (and around the world) – offering aspiring wedding planners the best possible education. Bridal consultants that train with us learn through online courses, on-campus classes, seminars, workshops, and hands-on internships.

We offer a bridal consultant certification program that is created for real-world applications. We have developed a dynamic, interactive teaching method with clearly expressed concepts and principles. Our bridal consultant certification is the premier education in the business of planning weddings. It is accepted across the US (and around the world) as the standard curriculum and business training for wedding professionals. 

Our courses are suitable for beginners and experienced bridal consultants alike. We have partnerships with Kevin Lee Weddings, New York Fashion Week, Lisa Vanderpump’s Charity Gala, and more. This allows us to provide you with many new opportunities for hands-on internships. We’ve offered internships with Bravo TV, Preston Bailey Designs, and David Tutera, just to name a few. 

What to Expect from a Bridal Consultant Certification Course

Our Certified Wedding and Event Planner (CWEP) course is the perfect all-round course for those looking to move into a career as a wedding planner. If you’re looking for a bridal consultant certification course that teaches you 

  • industry best practices, 

  • the latest design techniques, and 

  • successful business methods, 

then the (CWEP) Certified Wedding and Event Planning course is perfect for you. 

Association of Bridal Consultants Certification

As part of your learning, you will be taught how to create service packages, set up your business (including contracts, structures, and marketing), and learn all the basics of planning, budgeting, and executing the perfect wedding for your clients. 

This course typically takes about 8-12 weeks to complete, but you can also work at your own pace, so you can finish sooner. As with most courses offered by us here at Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute, we offer 12 month Payment Plans or a discount on payment upfront. The CWEP is a core program in the Master Wedding and Event Planning Certification. It is the ultimate learning for those who are serious about achieving a bridal consultant qualification

Become an Essential Bridal Consultant with Lovegevity

For many brides-to-be, the planning of their dream wedding day can be too stressful – choosing the right dress, the perfect venue, the music, food, decorations, flowers, the guest list, the theme… Every step in planning a dream wedding has layers of work that needs to be done – and what girl wants to be stressed like that?

This is where you can come in with a bridal consultant certification. Becoming a Bridal Consultant not only allows you to help a bride on her biggest day but gives you the opportunity to create dream weddings around the world – and get paid for it!

Here at Lovegevity we offer a bridal consultant certification program that is suitable for all levels of learning – from complete beginners to seasoned consultants, getting certified with us allows you to not only learn more about the craft of designing and using your creative talents, but also how to make more money doing what you love. Lovegevity offers the number one program in the industry – in fact, we set the standards for bridal consultant certification courses in the US and around the world.

Join Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute now to learn from successful wedding and bridal consultants, event planners, and seasoned professionals who serve as your instructors with a combined experience of over 150 years in the industry.

The Ultimate Bridal Consultant Course

Kevin Lee is the name in wedding and event planning. With 30+ years of experience, a client list of celebrities, and cutting-edge events, learning from the master with Lovegevity and Kevin Lee is a sure-fire way to make your own bridal consultancy flourish. 

During the Kevin Lee Masterclass, you’ll enroll in all the core programs we offer here at Lovegevity and learn through a combination of online seminars and hands-on workshops with local certified colleges. You can attend virtual mentoring sessions via video conferences, and you’ll have the opportunity to take on paid apprenticeships to build your professional portfolio and work with real clients and vendors.

Kevin Lee is a real event Rockstar, having created dream weddings and events for the Oscars, the Emmys, and A-List celebs like Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian, Barack Obama and even Quentin Tarantino.

This bridal consultant certification course will give you the professional designation of a ‘Certified Master Wedding and Event Planner’.

Everything You Need for Your Career – in One Easy Package.

The Kevin Lee Masterclass is the complete package when it comes to bridal consultant certification packages. We know that there is so much more to creating your own successful business than learning about the work – and that’s why we offer our students a personal career counsellor. Our counsellors work with you to create a learning pathway through the courses to ensure that you’re getting the experience, engagement, and competencies that you need, while achieving your own objectives. 

As part of our dedication to helping you launch your career, we make it easier to access knowledge and information about all aspects of business, from pricing your services, marketing your business to legal requirements, so that at the end of your learning with us you can immediately launch into your dream career.

Lovegevity will help you find the perfect educational journey within our ridal consultation certification programs – so that you can live your dream while making dreams come true for others.

Start Your Bridal Consultants Certification with Lovegevity

Many of our courses qualify for tuition assistance or financial help from various places to off-set the costs of training to change your career. Many financial grants are available for those who are eligible, depending on your state. We also offer Military Funding through MyCAA as part of ed2go’s online college partners. Our staff is always happy to help if you would like to discuss your options for funding or set-up an affordable payment plan. 

Hands-on learning is delivered through paid internships – not only gaining you valuable experience for your portfolio but also the opportunity to earn as you learn. – With training offered by some of the biggest names in the wedding and event planning industry, personal letters of recommendation alongside your bridal consultant certification will set you apart as the go-to wedding planner in your area.

To begin your journey as a certified wedding planner, and complete your learning with a bridal consultant course, contact our team today!
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