Floral Design 1

Begin your journey to become a certified floral designer


Designed for anyone who wants to get started in floral design or become a florist, this course covers all the basic fundamentals that all professional florist must know including professional tools, mechanics, techniques, and processing flowers.

Students are required to take a live final exam with their instructor via Skype or video conference. Upon graduation, students receive a certificate of completion for the Floral Design 1 Course and are eligible to enroll in the Floral Design 2 program.

During this 8 week class, you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of bridal, personal, and centerpiece design

  • Understand the best ways to process flowers

  • Participate in a live arrangement with help from your instructor


Floral terminology

Seasonal Ordering

Floral Count


Designing Wedding Flowers

Designing Personal Flowers


Watch the video and Preview the course.


  • Instructor Led 1:1 Video Conferencing
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Average 8 Weeks Duration
  • Online & In-Person Formats
  • Average time commitment is 3-5 hours per week


Chapter 1 – tools & supplies

Chapter 2 – processing flowers

Chapter 3 – Floral Design Flowers & Greenery

Chapter 4 – Working With Flowers

Chapter 5 – Alternative Materials

Chapter 6 – Personal Flowers

Chapter 7 – Bridal Bouquets

Chapter 8 – Fundamental Centerpieces


Self Study

For learners who like to learn independently but would benefit from instructor support

$1595 or pay over time monthly

Find a College

For learners who prefer to go through a college or institute      

Please find a college near you for pricing


For those ready to jump in and change their career path immediately. Get access to all of our wedding and event planning courses to gain an extended education on how to be a Master Wedding & Event Planner.

Just $5495


Q: What is the difference between Floral 1 & Floral 2?

A: Where Floral 1 is all about the basic fundamentals of professional floristry, Floral 2 is an advanced curriculum that takes floral designing to a whole new level. Floral Design 1 is a prerequisite for beginners to take before enrolling into the Floral Design 2 course.

Q: Is this course part of the Master Class or WedTech programs?

A: Yes, this course is part of the Master Class and WedTech programs. You can take them as part of either program or as a stand-alone course. This means you will accumulate credits towards the Master Class/WedTech programs.

Q: How many CEU credits will I get for this course?

A: 24 CEU’s

Q: Will I get a Certificate?

A: Yes, you will receive a Certificate in the mail once all requirements are completed in about 4 weeks.