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Learn how to get started as a Destination Wedding Planner and start packing your bags to travel the world… (for free). In this 1 hour free workshop you’ll learn the secrets to a flexible, fun, and financially rewarding career.the world…(for free). If you like to travel to exotic resorts and beautiful beaches or you just love the beautiful and happy industry of weddings, this free workshop is the answer to your dream career (or side hustle). 

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I was excited to take the course after participating in an information webinar, with Veroinca, about the course. I knew that I wanted to continue a career in the wedding industry, but in a different capacity than I have been the past twenty years. I love to travel , and host gatherings. I like to make sure that the people that I interact with are taken care of in the best way possible. I’ve always kept wedding planning in the back of my mind… thinking that it involved way too much work. But the course ignited something in me to say it’s time to activate my dream of owning and running a business that I will love. This course was amazing and I have found a new career path that I can grow and build, while seeing beautiful parts of the world. I enjoyed the openess and “real-talk” that Veronica gave us about the business. She was easy to understand and was very patience with questions are concerns. I definitely recommend the course to others. It’s important to take notes. There is a lot of information to absorb and review. I have a full notebook, that is my wedding planning bible!. I did want a text book of some sort, but Veroinca’s slides were perfect. I hope there will be another course for DWP. I think we all feel that way!
Stacey Seabrook DWP graduate

Stacey Seabrook DWP Graduate

 Before starting the DWPC Course, I was confused about how to package and price my services, but after this course, it is all clear. My major concerns where the time difference. Through replays, I was able to catch up and my instructor was there to answer any questions I had. This course opened many possibilities for me. The possibility of having an IATA number is major for me. I was able to learn about other destinations as well. Before I was only interested in selling Africa as a destination but now I see myself expanding to other destinations as well. Yes, I will definitely recommend it to others.I would advise anyone interested in growing their wedding business to take this course. .

Doreen Nyamka

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