Certified Wedding & Event Planning Course

Learn how to become a wedding and event planner at Collin College

Fall Semester

LENGTH 6 weeks
PRICE $995
DATES August 22 – November 7
DAY & TIME Tuesdays 6:00 – 9:20PM


Join the top-rated academic program and embark on an exciting career in wedding and event planning. At Collin College, we offer the Certified Wedding & Event Planning course that will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this dynamic industry.


Shamica Sweat

Learn from the best in the industry! Meet Shamica Sweat, the owner of Shamica & Co. With years of experience in wedding and event planning, Shamica brings her passion, creativity, and design expertise to the classroom. Her commitment to turning clients’ visions


As a graduate of our program, you will unlock a world of exciting opportunities. Not only will you receive a prestigious certificate, but you will also receive a letter of recommendation that highlights your exceptional skills and dedication. Additionally, you will earn the esteemed professional CWEP designation, setting you apart as a recognized expert in the field.


Our program focuses on developing the key skills essential for success in the industry. From mastering business organization and logistics to building strong networks and cultivating exceptional client relationships, you will acquire the fundamental expertise needed to thrive in the world of event planning.

Brandee Hartley, Collin College CWEP Grad

“I would definitely recommend this program to others. I gained invaluable experience and information to use when starting my own wedding planning business.”



We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry. That’s why our curriculum is continually updated by industry professionals who are at the forefront of the wedding and event planning world. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the latest trends, best practices, and innovative technologies, ensuring that you are equipped with the most relevant knowledge and skills.