We had a chance to catch up with Certified Wedding and Event Planner ( CWEP graduate), Liliana Crump, after her internship with Kevin Lee where she helped with Quentin Tarantino’s recent wedding in Los Angeles.
Liliana : …Well, I love … I’m an industrial designer in my country, Venezuela, so I love set-up the stuff, and the interior designer. I like the decorations. I like all the stuff. I like weddings. I like events. I don’t like when I see something that is bad, I want to try to fix it.

Cho Phillips: Yeah.

Liliana Crump: I went to a lot of wedding, I saw a lot of brides so mad, and I feel frustrated myself. One day, my baby is almost two years old, and I told my husband that I want to be a wedding planner here because in the United States you have the certificate for everything.

Cho Phillips: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Liliana Crump: I look online, and immediately I get the information for Lovegevity. I went to college because they have a program in … What is that college? Lone Star College in Houston-

Cho Phillips: Yeah.

Liliana Crump: I went, yes. That’s how I started. After that, it was hard for me, because it was in English, and I don’t understand a lot of words. I have to go bed at 3:00 a.m. most of the time, go the computer. Was hard, but was a really, really nice journey for me as a wedding planner. I received a certificate. After that, I traveled to California for a Kevin Lee master class, working for my English. Was a lot of thing, was like a big weight go through my body. It’s a lot of thing happen to me. I have to work with Venezuela, the celebrities, make a lot of event here for Venezuela, for Mexico. Was great.
Liliana Crump: Then I tried to work more for the American events. Yeah, and what else? I went for a David Tutera Symposium. It was a lot of stuff. It’s a nice journey right now. I’m living that, and I love it, and I like it. I like it. It’s my passion right now.

Cho Phillips: Well, we’re excited to have you as part of the Lovegevity team. I remember meeting you last June in the Hollywood master class you went to, right? Hollywood Weddings master class?

Liliana Crump: Yes ma’am, mm-hmm (affirmative).

Cho Phillips: I remember that’s where we met. We’re thrilled. We’re thrilled to have you. I’m glad that things, you’re really making an impression during your internships to really stand out. Kevin and Sergio requested you, so I think that that really says a lot about the level of customer care and just attention to detail and work ethic that you have really shines through when you’re on the job for them. Congratulations for making-

Liliana Crump: Thank you.

Cho Phillips: Such an amazing impression on them. You certainly make us look proud, make us look good. Make us proud.

Liliana Crump: Thank you.

Cho Phillips: We certainly want more internship opportunities, and it’s students and alumni like yourself that really become a star student that helps us to get more internships-

Liliana Crump: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Cho Phillips: The more we can show high quality, professional event planners on the job.

Liliana Crump: Yeah, I learn a lot from you, and I really appreciate the opportunity. I like it. I love it.

Cho Phillips: All right, well thanks again, ladies, it was good to see you all.

Liliana Crump: Thank you.

Cho Phillips: Okay.

Liliana Crump: Yes, yes.

Cho Phillips:  Oh, you know what, I have one more question-

Liliana Crump:  Yes?

Cho Phillips: And maybe you can answer it in Spanish. If you could give any prospective students advice on how to get started in the industry, what would be your advice to them?

Liliana Crump:                     Repeat again?

Claudia:  [foreign language Spanish 00:07:08].

Liliana Crump:  [foreign language Spanish 00:07:16]. Okay, let me say in English, I can tell the people that start in this industry that continue, go ahead. Sometimes they think can be difficult, sometimes looks impossible, but anything is impossible. They can get everything that they dream.

Cho Phillips: They just have to take action, it sounds like what you’re saying. To do it. Just do it-

Liliana Crump:  Do it. Just do it. Keep on.

Cho Phillips: You’re giving them-

Cho Phillips:  Take action. Right. That’s so true. Too many of us are frozen in fear and don’t do anything, and keep putting it off. That’s really great advice. Just go ahead and do it.

Liliana Crump:  Yes.

Cho Phillips:  Well, thanks for that, Liliana, I appreciate it.

Liliana Crump:   Thank you, thank you.

Cho Phillips: Okay, we’ll see you soon. Have a good holiday.

Liliana Crump: Happy holidays.

Cho Phillips: Yes, you too.

Speaker 3:  Happy New Year, guys, bye.

Cho Phillips:  Bye.

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