MY BIG GEEK WEDDING: Planning For “Nerdy” Couples

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As a wedding planner, you are in the business of making dreams come true. From conservative church weddings to ultra-modern receptions with a mirror-glazed cake and contemporary color pallet, you know how to pull an event together. But what happens when your clients want to celebrate their passion for a book, movie, TV show, or game, as well as their passion for each other. Geek chic weddings have been gaining in popularity, but there is no one-size-fits-all model to follow. In fact, it is the personal and unique touch that these couples are looking for. So how do you plan your client’s dream wedding when they’re looking to get down and nerdy on the big day?

 MY BIG GEEK WEDDING: Planning For “Nerdy” Couples

Do Your Homework

Nerdy couples may require a little extra research on the part of their wedding planner, especially if you are unfamiliar with the media that they are obviously enthusiastic about. At your initial consultation, be sure to make note of any favorite books or shows mentioned and be prepared to check them out yourself. You don’t need to read every Harry Potter book or watch every episode of Star Trek, but making sure you are familiar with main characters and plot points will really impress your bride-to-be.

MY BIG GEEK WEDDING: Planning For “Nerdy” Couples

Don’t Over-Do It

A common mistake when planning a themed wedding of any kind is being heavy-handed. It’s even easier to get carried away with a geeky event since the couple is clearly over-the-top enchanted with their chosen media, that’s the nature of fan culture after all!

You must make sure that everyone involved is on the same page about the presence of nerdy elements in the ceremony and reception. Some couples will want a strong theme that runs through every part of the day, others will be happy with a subtle nod to their favorite thing. Offer different ideas to gauge the client’s enthusiasm, but as a rule, less is more.

Invitations are a simple and often inexpensive way to add a touch of whimsy. Take a look at these themed collections by Paper Truly, that include Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings based sets that are fully customize-able for the budget.

Another subtle place to add a splash of geek chic is the wardrobe. Something as simple as custom cuff links can set a fun tone while maintaining formality. Etsy features countless creators who will offer one-off items perfect for nerd weddings. Check out this comic book bouquet and this Super Mario garter!

If all else fails, the ever-popular photo booth is a great place to feature a nerdy interest. Pose with action figures or cutouts like these steampunk printables that let your inner child out to play.

MY BIG GEEK WEDDING: Planning For “Nerdy” Couples

Connect the Dots

No matter the theme, all weddings are about the same thing: love. It may seem like a long way from comic books to commitment, but it is your job to bring geeky elements and romance together in holy matrimony. Luckily, your clients can help! Ask them what about their geeky theme makes them think of love. Are there characters you can focus on? Maybe he’s her superhero, or she’s his Princess Leia! Perhaps the couple met at a scrabble competition, or like their beloved Legos, they just click together!

Need an example? Take a look at this Scrabble tile monogram that keeps love front and center. Use your imagination to connect each nerdy thematic touch back to the couple and the ultimate meaning of the day. Even the most disparate elements can work together when they draw attention to the bride and groom.

MY BIG GEEK WEDDING: Planning For “Nerdy” Couples

Let the Magic Happen

It can take a little extra work when you’re presented with an unfamiliar or unorthodox theme by a client, but this might turn out to be one of your favorite events. Nerdy folks are passionate by nature and helping them to create a true one-of-a-kind wedding will be sure to bring out genuine emotion and gratitude. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sniffling over things that seemed silly in the planning. By breaking the mold, these couples are creating powerful ways to connect in unabashed enjoyment of life and of each other.


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