Go from Amateur to
6-figure Wedding Planner
in just 3 months.

Your dreams can come true…

If you’re like most people, you’ve likely grown up thinking you had to go to college and clock into a job (whether you love it or not) to be successful.

But that’s not entirely true.

You see, at Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute (LWPI), we’ve spent the past 23 years teaching thousands of students across 2,200 accredited colleges and universities that their dreams of becoming successful wedding and event planners can (and will) become their reality.

When you graduate from our program, you’ll receive an internationally-recognized certification and a professional designation proclaiming to the world that you’re far more than capable of building a successful career as a wedding and event planner.

You are destined for more…

You know that little voice inside that keeps telling you that you’re destined for more… well, it’s right.

You see, we know you’ve landed on this page because you have a passion for wedding and event planning.
And it’s evident whenever one of your friends or family members ask you to help them plan an event.

But the thing is, you’re not sure if you even have what it takes to turn your passion into a real wedding and event planning business.

In fact, you don’t know a thing about starting or running a business… finding clients, putting together a portfolio, marketing your services, none of that.

And that’s where Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute comes in.

Whether you have years of experience or zero expertise in wedding and event planning, as long you have the passion and drive to become your own boss, we’re here to give you the know-how you need to turn your passion into prosperity when you register for our internationally-recognized wedding and event certification program.

What you can expect.

This certification program includes 8 to 12 weeks of comprehensive training lessons to prepare you to launch your successful wedding & event planning business.

During the CWEP program, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop service packages, giving you a competitive edge in your local market.
  • Plan a budget, select a vendor and design an amazing wedding your clients will love.
  • Establish a complete branded portfolio of business contracts, presentation tools, pricing and packages.
  • Know the difference between traditional and non-traditional event etiquette.
  • Set up a legal wedding planning business and be knowledgeable about business structure.
  • Be proficient in prospecting and contracting with wedding and special event clients.
  • Market, publish, and use public relations to promote your biz and increase your cashflow.
  • How to thrive during Covid-19 and stand out among your competition.
  • And so much more…

Exclusive Internship Opportunities

We pair students with some of the industry’s most successful and seasoned wedding and event planners, giving them insider knowledge on how to build a thriving and longstanding business in wedding and event planning.

David Tutera Internships

Have the chance to assist David with his Event Planning Symposium, Event Planning Conferences, and more.

Kevin Lee Internships

Have the chance to learn from Hollywood Master Event Planner Kevin Lee. The man behind the Oscars, Emmys, and countless celebrity weddings.

How long do I have?

Now, while the average time to complete the course is 8 to 12 weeks, we understand life happens so all students have the option to complete the program at their own pace.

Whether you finish the program in 8 or 12 weeks or more, we’re here to encourage and motivate you to finish what you started so you can step into your dream career as a wedding & event planner.

Upon graduation, you’ll receive a certificate, letter of recommendation, and the professional CWEP designation that tells the world you’re ready to launch your business as a certified wedding & event planner.

Oh, and just so you know, this is not some random hodge-podge of information we threw together and offered as a “course”. Our certification program has been reviewed and accepted by over 2200 accredited colleges and universities across the US. And is internationally recognized as the #1 academic program for wedding & event professionals.

Plus, the course is backed by the Lovegevity name which comes with a 23-year history of helping thousands of students across the globe turn their wedding and event planning passion into a business they love. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what graduates have to say about our program:

The instructions you need to create the business you want…

At Lovegevity, we want to see you win. That’s why we deliver only the best when it comes to coursework, instructors, and mentors.

Our Instructors and mentors are seasoned wedding and event professionals who are trained and certified to guide students through the coursework and meet their certification requirements and prepare for the industry certification exam.

With our online instructor-led course, students have the option to meet each week for a scheduled one-on-one video or phone conference call with their assigned instructor and have the option to also meet with a mentor or business coach monthly.

    Your future is more than worth the investment…

    Here at Lovegevity, we know the real, lifetime value of taking control of your life and turning your passion into a business you love. And because we want you to experience the pride and sense of fulfillment you’ll get when you do that, we’ve decided to offer out CWEP certification program at a rate that makes it accessible for everyone.

    Now, based on the comprehensive instruction and training we’ve included in our program we could easily charge thousands of dollars for the program, but we’re not going to.

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    Why Lovegevity?

    LWPI’s program is recognized all over the world as the industry standard and is the only program offered by over 2200 Accredited Colleges and Universities. Our students get the education, support, tools, networking, experience, and internships to launch a successful career. You are not left to figure it out on your own. For example, our students have interned with David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Kevin Lee, Lisa Vanderpump, and many other industry professionals to create their portfolio of work and launch a career in wedding and event planning.


    Internships are available to all current students and alumni members. We have several to choose from throughout the year, and as an active member, you can apply for as many as you’d like! From bridal shows, to fashion shows, to charity events, to galas, to working side by side event planners and assisting with actual weddings. Our students have interned with David Tutera, Preston Bailey, Kevin Lee, Lisa Vanderpump, and many other industry professionals to create their portfolio of work and launch a career in wedding and event planning. Our internships typically fall on weekends and last 1-4 days long.

    Event Planning vs Event Design?

    The main difference between event planning and event design is that a planner focuses more on the event management side of things, and the designer is focused solely on visuals. A lot of event planners end up hiring a team of designers.

    Many planners will offer both the planning services and the design services but will have their team of designers because it is not a one-person job.

    How does the course work?

    The course is a combination of interactive learning online with reading, videos, quizzes, assignments, projects, as well as live class discussions and live webinars. There is also an exam. The community offers live video conference discussions on various topics with a variety of industry guest speakers and wedding planning mentors who actively work in the industry. If you miss a live discussion they are recorded and uploaded to the video library so you can view it at any time. The course also supplies you with hundreds of templates you can download and repurpose with your own brand/logo. Including contracts, pricing models, business plan, etc.

    The best program for you is the one that matches your goals, not the cheapest cost. Be sure to identify why you are becoming certified and make sure whatever program you choose will help you get there. We would love to welcome you to our program and community.

    Ready to become a Wedding Planner?