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Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute sole purpose is to provide aspiring wedding and event planners with the best possible education.

LWPI’s Certification programs are internationally recognized and partnered with over 2,200 accredited colleges and universities worldwide.

Upon graduation you will receive a world-class education from a reputable university along with your professional designation and certification.

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Certifications, Training Programs, On Campus Courses, Distance Learning, Seminars, Workshops, Internships, Career Services and much more.

We are committed to providing you with the BEST possible education.

The #1 Program in the Industry

Our Certification is the most widely recognized and standardized program in the industry.

Meeting Industry Standards

Our industry professionals actively contribute to the academic programs you need to be successful.

Utilizing our Resources

You receive the tools, and guidance to reach your goals and full potential for a successful career.

Dedicated to Your Success

We offer hands-on training, workshops, seminars and internships to Fast-Track your career.


Are you a Planner or a Designer?

The CWEP (Certified Wedding & Event Planning) and SWED (Signature Wedding & Event Design) courses are tailored for a unique learning experience. CWEP is about starting your business, developing your brand and gaining experience to go out and get your clients. SWED is about building and creating your own signature style of design.
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Then it sounds like you need to Enroll in our Master Class. Once you enroll, you will receive all six-course textbooks and complete an accelerated program in less time than taking each course individually. Check It Out →

Wedding Planning, Event Planning & Floral Design Certification

If you’re looking for a new career, you’ve come to the right place. At Lovegevity, we provide you with the best education and headstart into your chosen career, giving you the tools you need to be successful.

We have a wide range of courses, including our popular wedding planning courses and certifications, all designed to work around your life. We know you’re busy with family commitments, work schedules, and everyday life, but that shouldn’t get in the way of your dreams. If you need online distance learning, you can do that…if you want to learn in a classroom on campus at your local college, you can do that, if you’re looking for the perfect internship to get hands-on experience, at Lovegevity University, you can do that too.

Lovegevity helps you make your dreams come true.

What Can Lovegevity Offer You?

With a wide range of courses and certifications, you can step into your new career with confidence, knowing that you’ve been trained and certified by the number one internationally recognized program in the industry (and the world).

We are with you through the whole learning process, from new introductions to our community of instructors, students, and alumni to giving you step-by-step guidance with every lesson, and ongoing support in your journey to starting and growing your event planning business.

You’ll come out with a professional portfolio you can use for potential employers or clients, as well as fun memories and stories to tell from your hands-on experience at world-class events like New York Fashion Week and celebrity weddings. You’ll have everything you need to embark upon your new career with confidence.

Wedding Planner Certification Courses

Do you dream of being a wedding and event planner? Are you organized, with an attention to detail? Are you a natural at decorating and designing spaces? Do you love helping others plan their events?

If so, you’re in the right place. Our wedding Certification program could be just the thing to turn you into a Certified Wedding Planner.

A wedding day is one of the most special days a couple will go through. And your job as a wedding planner is to ensure that everything goes smoothly, as the wedding couple shares their special day with family and friends. Our courses will teach you everything you need to know to  create the perfect wedding or event and how to successfully run your business.

As a certified wedding planner, you will work to your client’s budget, find suitable venues and create ideas for different styles and themes. If you’d like a career that needs your organizational skills, as well as your eye for design and creative talent, wedding and event planning is a great option for you.

As a wedding planner, you’ll be rewarded when the big day draws near and you experience the happiness on your clients’ faces, as well as that of their guests, knowing you made it happen.

You can complete the course online or at one of our partnered accredited colleges or universities, and you can take part in an optional  internship for more hands-on learning. College campus courses are often at times that will suit you, including evening courses that will work around your family or other work commitments as you train.

No matter how you choose to study, you’ll find that you have the best support throughout your time with us.

With our wedding planning courses, different options allow you to specialize in certain areas. For example, you may like to complete the Master Class Program, which teaches you how to plan events of all types, from weddings, corporate, charity, and more.

By completing our event planning certification, you will be able to develop service packages, along with being able to market and utilize public relations to promote your business.

You’ll have everything you need to be successful in your new venture.

Event Planning Certification Courses

It’s not just weddings that require an event planner. When you become an event planner, you’ll discover that there’s a high demand for corporate events, party planning, and fundraising events. Our event management courses train you how to plan for these events and ensure they’re successful. 

Our event management certification gives you a portfolio of business contacts, presentations, tools, systems, formulas, designs, concepts, pricing, and packaging, to name a few. 

An event coordination certification is an ideal way to find a career that you love. Too many people are unhappy in their everyday work. But Lovegevity offers you an excellent alternative and provides you with an opportunity to find your purpose through a career you love with a lifestyle that you’ll love getting up for every day. 

Floral Design Certification Courses

No wedding or event is complete without flowers. We have floral design classes that teach you the basics of prepping flowers. You will design flowers for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and even ‘Extreme Floral Design,’ where you’ll learn how to design and construct floral walls.

With a floral design certification, our courses will teach you how to design stunning table-top floral arrangements. All coursework is step-by-step, so you can be confident that you’ll be guided through each lesson as you develop your floral design skills. Your beautiful floral arrangements, with even the simplest of flowers, will make you the envy of your friends and put you at the forefront of wedding and event design.

Once you have mastered the basics in our ‘Floral Design 1’ course, you’ll be able to progress to our ‘Floral Design 2’ where you can take your skills to the next level. Here you’ll learn how to design, plan, and transform a room with flowers from the table-tops to the ceiling and everything in-between.

Choose Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute for Your Education

Choose to do what you love and find the right course for your future today at Lovegevity’s Wedding Planning Institute.

Weddings and events can be an extremely lucrative business, and you’ll be able to help others to create lifelong memories by producing successful events. Wedding and event planning can be the perfect career for you if you’re already planning events for family and friends. Are you the “go-to” person for family get-togethers, celebrations, or even organizing vacations? If so, you’ve probably already heard from those around you that you have a knack for planning events, an eye for design, or you’re good at it, so you should be an event planner. If this sounds like you and you wish to start your own business and be your own boss.  You’ll love the rewards of being a wedding and event planning business owner because you get to do what you love and control your life and the direction of your future.

We offer 12-month payment plans for nearly all our courses, and you can customize these to suit your needs. By investing in your future, you’re also investing in your future happiness. No longer will you have to be bored in your current work, and you can feel excited about what the future holds. Our courses allow you to have control over your life, and you can put your family and other priorities first.

Lovegevity gives you the training you need to have a career you love. With the right training, networking, and confidence, you’ll have everything it takes to establish a successful business. Contact us today for more information or to find a local class near you.
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